ABK WebDAV Client

ABK WebDAV Client is the 100% Italian solution for synchronizing one’s files locally via WebDAV protocol. It was born from the synergy of two Italian companies: ABC Communications & Software s.r.l. and Jinni S.r.l.

Why ABK WebDAV Client?​

A real Story

Jinni S.r.l. had a need for a Synchronization Client for the Kamzan document exchange and sharing platform. During an OIERRE*, meeting in December 2022, Jinni had the opportunity to meet ABC Communication & Software thus starting a synergistic collaboration to create the Client for synchronization. And that is how ABK WebDAV Client.
Focuses on software development and support with the goal of helping companies grow through their end-to-end methods, providing companies with an effective plan for success.
Focuses on digitization, with the goal of accompanying entities on the path to digitization through the provision of ad hoc digital services and products for specific needs.
*OIERRE is a free association of companies that have accumulated deep know-how in delivering solutions dedicated to improving the management and control processes of companies and professionals.


Kamzan is the Italian solution for document exchange and sharing in business dhe performs data processing only within European soil.
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